International Conference on Renewable Energy Development & Applications for a Sustainable Agriculture "RE & Agri" 02 - 03 & 04 Décembre 2014, Tunis - Tunisie

Purpose & Objectives

The conference will explore the ways and mechanisms to promote the use of RE in agriculture. It will highlight the available RE technologies, innovations and hybrid systems, a round-up of the states-of-the-art of the use of RE in rural areas, and last but not least, the economic and social impacts of the implementation of modern energy systems will be largely addressed.
In addition, the conference will provide an optimal platform for interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary partnerships between public, private and research sectors on a regional and international scale.

Participants will convene around crucial themes and priorities, such as:

  • Overview of selected RE technologies & innovations: solar, wind, biomass and geothermal;
  • Energy input in agricultural production chain: opportunity and challenges for RE use in agriculture production systems;
  • Analysis of business models promoting sustainable agriculture value chains;
  • Presentation of selected case studies and success stories;
  • Funding mechanisms, institutional & policy recommendations for implementing Energy Roadmap Targets;
  • Social impact of modern agriculture based on efficient use of RE;
  • Growing upstream sectors(production facilities such as fertilizers, fuels, farm machinery) and agricultural services sectors, and also downstream sectors (agro-processing enterprises);
  • Encouraging entrepreneurial activities such as diversification into new products and expansion into new markets.



International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis(IIASA)


Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Information and Communication Technologies Ministry of Agriculture