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Mission and objectives

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Main Mission

In general, DUN aims at :

  • Establishing a cooperation platform open to – and shared between – institutions in the academic and research areas, for the development of science and technology related to the DESERTEC concept;
  • Facilitating and promoting technology transfer between its members;
  • Encouraging the organization of international joint projects and exchanges of research teams.

Research and Development

DUN aims at promoting Research and Development activities, as well as the design of new production systems, through the following activities (among others) :

  • Continuously optimizing technologies;
  • Developing its members' participation in national and international research projects;
  • Creating platforms for joint experimentation and research.

Dissemination and Promotion of Technology and Knowledge

DUN mainly aims at promoting the renewable-energy technologies, via :

  • Developing curricula for training qualified personnel;
  • Organizing international meetings (conferences, seminars, workshops etc.);
  • Increasing awareness in this sector with the scientific community, policymakers and the general public;
  • Disseminating academic and professional knowledge and information;
  • All teaching and training activities, including the exchange of students and scientists.